Everyone needs quality cellular signals, so the importance of a booster is pretty obvious. A mobile signal booster does not make a signal. Instead, it picks up and augments the existing cellular signal, and redistributes that boosted signal in the area in need so that devices indoors get it. A booster works on multiple telecom service provider networks, and it does not necessitate internet service to work.

If a weak signal exists outside a residential or commercial property, a booster system can be deployed there for better cellular reception. This does not mean that the signal available there should be weak for it to be used.

Albeit the signal is just good enough in your place, you can think of using the system. If quality signals are hard to come by in your workplace, encourage your company management to use a booster. Tell them that being able to make phone calls with better quality, will have a positive impact on your work. May your employer pay heed to your suggestion.

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