Cell Phone Booster For Homes And Buildings – Installation Guide

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

The features of a location, like its terrain, distance from the nearest tower, forest cover etc, decides the strength of the cellular signals in that location. Remote locations that are far away from the transmitting cell tower, places that have thick forest cover, locations at hilly terrain etc are often affected by poor cellular signals. Even the construction materials of homes and buildings influence the signal strengths received indoors.

The best possible solution that helps you tackle signal strength issues is the installation of a cell phone booster that takes in weak cellular signals, amplifies them, and rebroadcasts them to required locations.

Here is a guide to installing cellular signal booster at homes and buildings.

Find Out The Signal Strength Available In Your Area

The crucial step prior to installing cell phone booster is determining the outdoor location near your building, which receives maximum signal strength. The signal strength can be checked using signal meters even though methods like signal testing using smart phones are available. Signal testing using a signal meter has better accuracy than conventional methods of signal testing. The location that receives maximum signal strength is the ideal place to install the external antenna.

Install The External Antenna

After you find out the location that receives maximum signal strength, you have to mount the external antenna in that area. Make sure you place the antenna at a high point like on a rooftop with a mounting pole with the near edge of the roof pointing towards the nearest cell tower.

Connect The Outside Antenna To The Amplifier

The amplifier is the major part of the signal booster and is placed inside the building. Once you are done with the installation of external antenna, you have to connect it to the amplifier as the next step. Connect a coaxial cable to the external antenna and run it to the indoor location where you have placed the amplifier.

Install The Internal Antenna

The internal antenna rebroadcasts the amplified cellular signals to specific locations, and it has to be carefully placed by deciding where in your building you need the best signal. Place the internal antenna on ceiling or wall close to the selected area and connect the antenna to the amplifier via coaxial cable. In order to avoid the chances of oscillation, ensure that there is a minimum of 50 feet horizontal or 20 feet vertical distance between the outside and inside antenna.

After all the steps are completed, turn on the booster and check near the internal antenna to figure out the extent to which signals are boosted.