Cell Phone Signal Boosters And Health Hazard: Is There A Link?

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

The world revolves around connectivity. If you want to post a picture on your instagram page, or if you are sitting in New York and want to have a video conferencing session with your team mates at Abu Dhabi, the single thing you always need in the picture is steady connectivity. A cell phone signal booster comes as a saviour to help you always maintain that single bar at a all time full!

But with devices and technology all around us, we can’t help but think the repercussions they have on ourselves all the time. Is it harmful? Are there any risks to using cell signal boosters?

Rather than dwelling on fake news we will take a call after reviewing a credible source namely America’s centre for disease control and prevention (CDC). They have done extensive research and they have concluded that they couldn’t come up with any evidence to prove that using cell signal booster/ mobile repeater could pose a health risk. This has not given much closure but fortunately they reported that:

Preliminary findings indicate that phone radiation may only harm a user when the cell phone signal is weak.”

Now at least there is something to work with.

The Good News

All manufacturers are to adhere to the health safety standards that are laid down. One of the researches on the effect of cell phone radiations concluded a small increase in heart tumours which were observed in male rats. However, they unexpectedly lived longer than their unexposed counterparts. As per the results of the study, only one situation was found where the radiations from mobile phones were theoretically harmful to human beings. Ironically, it seems from this particular study that the use of mobile phone boosters to improve signals has the potential to cut down the risk, not contribute to the same.

Eliminate Weak Signals With The Help Of Cell Signal Booster

The use of cell phone signal booster will help you to effectively reduce the chances of a weak signal. The cell phone signal booster hooks onto any nearby low strength signal from a cell tower, amplifies or “boosts” it and passes it onto your phone. Your phone will have to “work less” and this will lead to reduced strength of the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by it.

This is all the more reason to get yourself a cell phone signal booster to improve reception, to improve the quality of voice, to improve the network internet speeds, to reduce the frequency of dropped calls, and finally…protect you and your loved ones from radiation caused due to “weak signals.”