How To Boost Signal Strength: Free And Paid Methods

Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile Signal Boosters

Poor cell reception is a common problem that a lot of people experience, especially people living in rural and urban areas. There can be a wide range of reasons why the signal strength is low in your home or office. They include the distance from the cell tower, geographical features, bad weather, and tall buildings, etc. Even your building materials can be a major factor that affects signal quality, as they can block the signals from entering your building. Hence, you have to consider all these factors before finding a solution for dealing with cell reception issues.

A lot of people depend on signal boosters to improve cell reception. Mobile signal boosters are found to help improve the signal strength inside a building, as they can accept outside signals and amplify their strength for providing you better cell reception. However, getting a signal booster can be costly, especially if you want powerful boosters for your home or office.

If you want to improve cell reception, then there are certain things you can try without spending money. If these methods are not able to solve your problem, then you will have to go for some paid solutions. Hence, we list some free as well as paid solutions that can help you effectively eliminate various problems caused by low signal strengths inside your building.

Free Solutions:

The following are some of the best free solutions that you can try for improving cell reception. They can help you eliminate various problems associated with low signal strengths including poor voice clarity, slow internet, and dropped calls, etc.

Find Out A Spot In Your Home With Best Cell Reception

The signal strength at different parts of your home can vary significantly. Sometimes, you might get better signal strength in one room but very poor cell reception in another room within the same building. So finding a spot with better cell reception inside your home and moving to this spot when you have to make a call or access the internet can help to solve the signal problems to a great extent. This is one of the best solutions you can try if you are constantly suffering from various problems caused by low signal quality.

Make use of a your mobile phones to easily detect a spot with great cell reception. Set it in the field test mode so that you can get decibel readings of the signal strength in each area. This can help locate a spot with better cell reception. However, this solution may not be always effective. Running to this spot whenever you need to make a call seems a bit harsh. Also, if your phone is not kept in this particular spot, then it might be impossible for you to receive incoming calls and messages.

Avoid Obstructions

A lot of factors can obstruct your cell signals including mountains, trees, tall buildings, and bad weather, etc. Additionally, your building materials like brick, wood, and glass, etc. can also block cellular signals.

It might not be possible for you to do anything about the obstructions outside your home. However, you can eliminate the problems caused by different things inside your home like building materials. If your building materials are the culprits behind blocking the cell signals, then moving to your balcony or staying close to a window can help.

Keep Your Phone’s Battery Fully Charged

Your phone will use the battery charge to search for signals. Furthermore, a phone requires sufficient battery charge for performing other functions properly. Thus if your phone does not have enough charge, it won’t be able to function properly. It can also affect your phone’s ability to detect cell phone signals. Hence, ensure that your phone has at least a 10% battery charge so that it can effectively search for signals.

Paid Solutions:

If you have tried the free solutions, but are not able to solve the problems, then it is better to get the paid solutions. There are different paid methods you can use to improve cell reception. Some of them are listed below:


It is a small device that can act as a mini-base station. A femtocell is capable of producing cell signals. Hence, you can use them even if there is very poor outside signal strength near your home.

Mobile Signal Boosters

These devices boost the strength of the existing outside signals. You can use this device especially if the outside signal strength is good. You have an array of choices when it comes down to buying the best device. So a majority of the problems related to weak signals can be eliminated.s

Different factors can affect the strength of the cell signals inside your home. So if you are suffering from poor cell reception, then the above methods can be beneficial for you, as they can help to eliminate different problems caused by poor cell reception effectively.