Materials That Block Signal In Buildings

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No matter how cellular network technology develops, there are places where the signal is too weak for the phone to be useful. Sometimes, a call would not connect despite being in the vicinity of a cellular tower. What causes weak cell reception? Are the cell service providers to be blamed for it? Or are there other reasons for weak signals? Here are a few things that block the cellular signals and avoiding these can help you get proper reception.

Trees And Other Natural Obstructions

Is the building you are in, surrounded by trees, hills, or mountains? If yes, they might be the cause of low cell reception. These tall structures tend to block the cell signals coming from the tower preventing your phone from getting a strong signal. In fact, the weather of the place you are in can also disrupt cellular reception.

Rain can cause around 3 to 5 dB decrease in cell signal, whereas, foliage can cause around 7 to 20 dB loss. It is because of this that offices and other buildings get better cell reception in autumn.

Fiberglass Insulation

You might want to think twice before using fiberglass for your house. It is reported that fiberglass reduces the signal strength by 4 dB when used in attics or walls. Moreover, the reception reduces by 50 percent when it reaches inside if drywall is used along with it.

Plain Glass

There is no house or office without glass. Usually, glass makes up windows and walls of buildings to permit the flow of light and for the visual appeal. However, this material reflects and refracts cell signals and can cause a loss of around 4 dB.


Plywood is a common building material and is very good at blocking cellular signals. In fact, it is said to reduce the signal by 20 dB when it is wet.

Solid Wood

Your wooden front door might be the reason why the cell reception is weak at home. All types of wood are good cell signal killers as they absorb the signals and block them.


Bricks give buildings a rustic and ancient look. Surprisingly, it is also capable of taking you to old times by weakening the signal strength. Bricks block out a good amount of cellular signals.

Many things can block cell signals. The best way to ensure that you get a good quality signal is by installing a cellular signal booster. You can easily get a 4G LTE booster or 3G signal booster depending on your network service.