Note On Cell Signal Amplifiers And Its Categorization

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal


You keep hearing people go on and on about cell phone signal booster and how to get better cell signal. Ever wondered what they are talking about. A cell phone signal booster is most commonly called as an amplifier or some people even call it repeaters. There are three essential components to it and these are interior and exterior antennas and an amplifier. It is with the help of these three that cell phone signal boosting becomes possible. Besides these, there are also other components to it which are optional. These include an attenuator for reducing those frequency signals which are unwanted; splitter, lighting protector, tap etc.


Firstly, the signals which are present outside are picked up by the antenna which is placed at the rooftop of the construction. The cable which is attached to this antenna then transmits these signals into the building or the house. The next step is the amplifier receiving the said signals which the cable sent into the house. It will boost the signal and send it to the interior antennas present which are fitted within the device. These enhanced signals will now be broadcasted to those locations where the antennas are mounted.

Categories Of Signal Boosters

Explained in the paragraphs that follow are a few of the types of signal boosters which have gained popularity in the recent times.

Truck, Marine, Car And RV Signal Boosters

These types of signal boosters are specifically designed to receive and amplify signals even when the said vehicle is moving. It is easy to install such boosters as they do not come with the hurdles of permanent installations. Exterior antenna of the device is mounted on the rooftop of the vehicle with the help of a strong magnet. The cable runs through the frame of the door. The amplifier gets placed below the seat of the vehicle or the dashboard.

Business And Home Signal Boosters

These types of signal boosters are installed with the purpose of enhancing the signals at home or at your office building, etc. When compared to the device used in vehicles, this one is very powerful. Furthermore, they require permanent installations and thus can be tiresome. Additionally, there is also a requirement to mount multiple internal antennas so that the boosted signals are distributed proportionately throughout the entire focussed area. The exterior antenna is fixed on the rooftop like always for better reception.