Steps To Follow For Installing Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal booster are devices that can help you improve the strength of the cell signals in your home, office, or vehicles. They are very simple devices and you can install them easily even if you don’t have much technical expertise. A cell signal booster consists of mainly three parts.

The first component of a booster is the outside/outdoor/external antenna that is designed to accept signals from the outside. The antenna will transfer the collected signals to the next component, which is the amplifier that is used for boosting the strength of the signals. Finally, the boosted signals will reach the next component, which is called the inside/indoor/internal antenna for broadcasting into the required areas. This device does not have any complex parts or mechanisms that can be difficult to install. It is very easy for you to install, configure, and maintain your signal boosters.

If you are also trying to install a cell signal booster in your home, office, or vehicle, then the following guidelines can be useful for you.

Steps For Installing Signal Boosters In Your Home/Office

You can install cell phone signal booster in your home or office following some simple steps which are mentioned below:

Find The Best Outside Signal Strength

One of the important factors that can have a great impact on the performance of your signal boosters is the placement of your external antenna. The strength of the signals from your booster will be dependent on the quality of the signals received by the outside antenna. Therefore, it is important for you to place this antenna in an area where it can receive the maximum signal strength. So the first thing you have to do before installing your booster is to find a spot that receives good signal strength from your carrier.

You can use the help of your mobile phone for finding the signal strength present in different areas of your home or office. The bars may not give you the accurate measurement, hence, it is better to switch to field test mode for getting the precise reading of the signal strength in various regions. You may also use the help of some mobile apps that are designed to determine the signal strength for locating the best spot to install your external antenna.

Mount The External Antenna

After finding a good spot, you are ready to install your external antenna. The best area for mounting your external antenna is on the roof of your building. It will allow the external antenna to receive maximum signals thereby increasing the performance of your boosters. However, if this is not practical for you, then the next best option is to mount the antenna on your window.

If you are using a uni-directional antenna ensure that you install it on the edge of your roof in a manner that it points away from the building. This will help to avoid oscillation which occurs when your external antenna receives the signals from your internal antenna. It can cause your signal booster to shut down, therefore, it is important for you to take good care when installing your external antenna to avoid this problem.

Connect To The Amplifier

The next step is to install your amplifier and connect the external antenna to it using cables. Place your amplifier in an area which is easy for you to access and make sure that this area is well-ventilated. When connecting the external antenna to the amplifier, you can either run the cable into the attic or choose the window entry cable.

Install The Inside Antenna

Now you can install your internal antenna in a location you want. You may choose to install it on the ceiling or wall, based on the area you want to cover. When installing the inside antenna, make sure that there is at least 50 feet horizontal distance or 20 feet vertical distance from your external antenna for avoiding oscillation.

Power On

After you have installed all the parts properly, connect it to the power supply. If you see green lights after turning on the booster, then you are all set. However, if there are orange or red lights, it might be indicating different problems like overload and oscillation. In this case, you will have to make adjustments to solve these issues.

Installing The Booster In A Vehicle

The process of installing the signal booster in your vehicle is similar to installing it in your home or office. First, mount the external antenna on the roof of your vehicle, then run the cable from this antenna to the amplifier. After this, install the internal antenna in the required location and connect it to the power supply. Your car cell phone signal booster is ready to use.

Cell signal boosters are very easy to install. The above steps can help you to install it in your home/office/vehicle conveniently. However, if you are not confident of doing it on your own, it is better to seek the help of an expert to do the job.