Tips And Tricks To Boost Mobile Signals At Home

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How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal

Being unable to use a mobile phone is the scariest nightmare of all in the present era. We all wish to have excellent cell signals at all times. Whether we are travelling or we are at home or we have gone to a nearby restaurant, we expect our cell phone’s signal to be strong. However at a majority of the locations mentioned above, we find our phones to be practically dead in terms of connectivity. So what can be done to change this situation? Continue reading to find out how to boost mobile signal when you are in the comfort of your home.

There are ample products available in the markets these days that will answer your question of how to get better cell signal. However, just think about an inexpensive way to do so. Wouldn’t hurt to try! How could such a method be inexpensive at all? How to get better signal at home free of cost?

Step Outside

Yes, you heard that right. Just step outside, you will realise that you have better reception there. The scientific explanation behind this is that, building materials of all forms are capable of blocking cell signals. By stepping outside your home, you are now reducing the main obstacle that has been hindering your cell signal all this time.

Phone Case Check

Although you have a beautiful looking cell phone case, just take it out. Take out that beautiful case of yours and be surprised to see your signal improving instantaneously. Another important thing to be kept in mind is to never hold your phone is such a manner that it blocks the internal antenna of your phone.

Phone Battery Check

Always ensure to keep your phone’s battery fully charged. Otherwise, it will adversely affect its ability to catch a strong cell signal and hold on.

Cell Tower

Getting the location of a nearest cell tower might help ease the problem you are facing with bad signal. Once you know the direction in which your signal is travelling from, its way easier to place your phone in a location which will provide better reception.

Change Location

This is the most preferred fix to your persistent problem of bad or no cell reception. You can just move around a little to see if you are getting better reception. And the scientific explanation behind such a possibility is the signal strengths never follow a uniform pattern.

See, it was just that simple. And you spend nothing on it and in the end managed to get a better cell signal.