What Affects Cellular Signal Strength In Cities?

How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal

The mobile phone is one of the greatest gifts of technology. But to put it into use, we need carrier signals to reach our phone’s antenna from the tower. The city dwellers do not experience smooth services even after being surrounded by mobile phone towers. How can that be explained? How is the cellular reception strong on the fifth floor when it is weak in the basement of the same building? Moreover, what causes the fluctuation in the carrier signals in minutes? Let’s look at the reasons why cellular signal becomes weak.


How far you are from the cell tower influences the strength of your phone reception. Traveling through the atmosphere which contains dust and other particles weakens the signals, deteriorating its strength to such a level that your phone antenna cannot sense it. This is usually not an issue in a city where there are mobile phone towers in every corner. However, the outskirts of the city can be affected due to distance.

Terrain Of The Place 

Not every city will be in a smooth plain terrain. Some are between huge hills, whereas some might be high up on a hill. Humans migrated to places in huge numbers depending on various factors and cellular reception was not one of them. The terrain of the city can block the signals from reaching your phone. Trees and hills will act as a barrier to these signals.

Structures Of City

It is highly infuriating when you stay very close to a tower but still do not receive a strong cellular signal. Some even complain to their respective service providers blaming them for not providing good services. But they cannot correct a problem that is beyond their reach. Another cause of weak cell reception is walls, steel, and other structures between the tower and your phone, as these prevent the signals from reaching your phone. Mobile phone signals are weakest in the basement because of this reason. Windows and stepping outside the confinement will help get good phone reception.


Surprisingly, the weather too has a role to play in this. The rain can disrupt the signals. So can a sand storm. Windy climate leads to a day without cellular reception in many places. Fog and thunderstorms also belong to the same group. The best phone reception is experienced on a clear day.

What Is The Best Solution? How To Get Better Cell Signal?

There are many ways to ensure your mobile signal stays strong for a major part of the day. But the most reliable and effective one is to install a cellular signal booster. By doing so, the carrier signals from the tower will be amplified by the cellular signal booster and your phone antenna will detect it easily.