What Does Overload In Cell Phone Boosters Mean?

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Overload In Cell Phone Boosters
Overload In Cell Phone Boosters

Cell phone booster is a device that performs the functions of increasing the strength of cellular signals available at your place to improve the quality of cellular communication. Signal attenuating factors in your location necessitate the installation of a cell phone booster that contributes to the quality of voice calls, internet browsing speeds, and the pace with which texts are sent and received.

Several factors limit the performance of cell phone boosters. Overloading is a common problem encountered by cell phone boosters.

What Is Overload?

The outdoor antenna, amplifier, and indoor antenna are the three major components of a signal booster. The initial point of signal boosting operations is the outdoor antenna/donor antenna that captures external cellular signals and sends them to the amplifier unit, which performs the boosting function. The indoor antenna finally broadcasts the boosted signals to our cell phones. If the outdoor antenna is too close to the cell tower, the incoming signal strength will be quite high, thereby resulting in signal overload.

The blinking orange light in the cell phone booster is a typical indicator of overload. Regardless of the carrier signal you are using, your cell phone booster is prone to overload if the distance between the outdoor antenna and the cell tower is quite small.

How Can You Fix Signal Overload?

Redirecting the outdoor antenna is the best solution for signal overload. You may turn the donor antenna away from the offending cell tower till the orange lights on the booster turn back to green. Instead of redirecting the antenna, you can also shift it to a new location like the side of the building or the roof, whereby it is shielded from the offending tower.

Redirecting the donor antenna may not work always. What if a cell tower of some other carrier comes in between the donor antenna and the tower of your carrier? Then overload could occur due to the proximity of the donor antenna to the cell tower of the other carrier. To solve problems like these, you can install a filter between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier. The filter selectively attenuates the signals coming from the offending cell tower and solves the issue of overload.

You should have a clear idea about the operating carriers in your region to figure out the carriers and frequencies that are causing overload.