Bad Cell Reception Could Cripple Your Business

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

The world has progressed to becoming mobile in every sense of the word. Gone are the days of being tied down by wires. The step away from landline phones and migrating to mobile smart phone devices meant that we could always be connected to the rest of the world, without a hiccup. Even businesses have been able to make use of this new age of communication to closed in land boundaries and distances- it doesn’t quite matter if you want to communicate with your client in Tokyo, or want to go through your sales teams presentation before they present it to clients in Mombasa.

With the dependence on cell phone growing day after day, one little hiccup in the line of communication can mean disastrous effects. Imagine the situation where in a hospital that is accessing patient records from a cloud server, loses internet connectivity? It could mean delays and this in turn means loss of revenue. Each minute that passes with your company unable to perform a key business function means that you are losing money!

Similarly, working in industrial buildings has plenty of challenges, and of them all, getting a strong cell signal is up on the list. it doesn’t matter if you are in a distribution centre, a mill, a foundry or a warehouse, communication is the link that ties in everything together into one single strong mesh.

What Could Be The Reason?

The reason for terrible cell signal could be plenty, but the industrial or office buildings themselves are made of sturdy construction material that works against you and weakens the incoming cell signal. What this leaves you with is:

  • A Weakened signal
  • Low voice quality
  • Constant call drops
  • Low or non-existent internet connectivity.

All of these doesn’t sound nice in anyway, and can be a source of constant frustration amongst your employees and working staff. Information that needs to be relayed quickly doesn’t happen, all because of the lack of a cell signal.

How Would Solving This Issue Benefit Your Firm?

There are many benefits that you are in line to gain from solving your cellular connectivity. Here are some of them:

  • Easier communication with vendors, family, friends and salesperson with the help of a cellular-connected device.
  • Employee job satisfaction rises straight up. They are able to check up on friends and family during breaks and are able to enjoy their time off.
  • It ensures that the inventory and the purchasing technology that relies on the cellular network is optimal and functions the way it is supposed to.
  • It ensures that the machinery and the digital and cellular operated technology runs without lapses and is safe.

How Do You Go About Solving The Connectivity Issues Of An Industrial Or Office Building?

The idea of solving your connectivity issues may sound like an impossible and a daunting task. Many of the facilities may be old, and the architectural plans may be stowed away and forgotten for the most part, most of the older buildings made heavy use of brick coupled with concrete, masonry and metal- all of which do a great job at eating into your cell signal. To add to the list of misery, if your industrial building is in the middle of nowhere, far from the city then you have an even bigger burden on your head.

The best way to get rid of the lack of connectivity in an office or industrial setting is to make use of the existing external cell signal, amplifying it and then make it available. This is exactly what a cell phone signal booster or a cell phone booster does! It is a device that comprises of a network of an internal, and external antenna along with an amplifier system.

How To Get Started?

The solution is not as simple as hooking up a cell phone signal booster system and calling it a day. Every building is different in its layout and hence there needs to be tailored solution in order to solve your connectivity qualms.

  • Get An Preliminary Assessment

Get in touch with a representative of the concerned signal booster provider, and allow them to determine the best plan to move forward with. They work closely with the installer who will come to your site in order to make a plan to install the signal booster system.

  • Get A Survey Of The Site

The installer or integrator will conduct a complete assessment so as to determine the source of the strongest signal in the area, and also which of the cell carriers get the worst and best signals. The areas of the strongest and the weakest signals within the building are traced out. This helps in better customising an installation plan.

  • The Final Installation

On the roof, the external antenna or the donor antenna is fixed to a specially build mount. Within the building, the installer will put in internal broadcast antennas that are based on the site plan, either to the walls or ceilings. Finally the amplifier system is installed, which requires power supply and proper ventilation to function well.

You are all done!