Installing A Signal Booster In Your RV

Signal Booster
Signal Booster
Signal Booster
Signal Booster

We often experience call drops and slow data speeds when we are in our homes or traveling in a vehicle. The main reason for this is poor cell reception caused by weaker cell signals. If you are experiencing weaker cell signals, use a cell phone booster.

What Is TheNeed Of A Signal Booster In RV?

If you have a recreational vehicle (RV), you will be taking a road trip more often. Most often, you will travel through remote locations where the cell reception is very poor. If you want to stay connected with your friends and family, you need to have stronger cellular signals inside your RV all the time. The best way to ensure uninterrupted cellular reception inside your RV is by installing a signal booster in your RV.

Tips For Installing A Cell Phone Booster In RV

Install The External Antenna

The first step in the installing process is selecting the location for the external antenna and installing it there. You should install the external antenna of the in-vehicle signal booster on the outside of the RV for limiting the obstructions for the cell signals. The metal body and the glass windows of the RV will block the cell signals from coming inside and there is no point in installing the external antenna inside the vehicle.

Select The Amplifier Location

Unlike a car, an RV has a lot of space, and finding the perfect spot for the amplifier unit is not a big issue when it comes to RV. The amplifier unit is often placed under the dash or seat of the vehicle to save space. However, you can also find other locations but make sure that the location is away from sunlight. Also, ensure that the location you choose for the cell phone booster is near the power supply.

Mount The Internal Antenna

The next thing you need to do is to install the internal antenna of the in-vehicle signal booster. Usually, it is recommended to use a whip antenna as the internal antenna. A whip antenna is the ideal choice for small spaces and can redistribute boosted cell signals equally in all directions. Therefore, it is better to place the internal antenna at the center portion of the RV.

Connect The Amplifier To The Power Supply

The final step is to connect all the components together with a coaxial cable. You can then connect the amplifier to the power supply and check whether everything is working properly.