Want To Find Cell Towers Near You To Connect? We’ll Tell You How

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Terrible signal and dropped calls can get on the nerves of even the most Zen-like monks amongst us. You may be in the middle of a call to your best friend, reconnecting after several years. With no shortage of tales to laugh and reminisce about, all is cut short by the inevitable beeping of your smart phone- the call has disconnected! What a shame indeed.

You may have looked for a route out in several places. Getting a cell phone signal booster would be one of the best options given, right so. A cell phone booster will take care of your failing reception, and give your phone a new lease at life. It is a great investment that will stand the test of time, and it is advised that you look no further. But before you do that, take a look at one viable alternative. What if the issue has nothing to do with the cell signal reaching you, but the cell tower transmitting it?

Where Are The Cell Towers Located Near Me?

There are several carriers, the likes of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile that love to showcase colorful and vibrant maps that show the national coverage of their cell towers. But how do you precisely pinpoint the location of it?

In today’s age of easy access to information, finding the nearest cell tower is not a hassle at all. There are myriads of ways in which you can get this information- websites, signal meters, apps and a tad bit of elbow grease can get you this info. We have taken a look at many of the options, and are ready to impart the wisdom over to you. Read on…

 Ways To Find Cell Carrier’s Towers Nearest To You          

  • Cell Tower Maps

Nationwide carriers don’t guarantee coverage at every nook-and-cranny with total national coverage. Each service irrespective of how good, has dead spots where there is absolutely no signal to grab onto. You can actually find the location of such dead spots, or more importantly, whether you are in a dead spot, with the help of your zip code.

According to the findings, you may come to the conclusion of your location being covered or not. Although this helps, this doesn’t help indicate the actual location of the nearest cell tower. After all, the maps are considered as a tool to market; so even if you are in the colorful blob of signal coverage that says the signal is strong, the result on the ground is still you suffering from cell reception issues. The cell tower locater is still the most commercially reliable way for you to pinpoint the locations of the strongest signal.

  • Using The Smart Phone’s Antenna

You know you can reverse engineer your phone and find out the signal strength that your phone is detecting, right?

All cellular devices operate in the signal frequency from -50dB to -120dB. The former being the strongest and the latter being the weakest. Anything near -120dB signifies a total dead zone. This range is called the radio wave range, and the signal icon bar of your phone is just a representation of how much the strength of the cell signal is.

However, this is not accurate for the reason that the 1bar shown by a Verizon SIM may translate to a 2 bar strength icon on an AT&T SIM. There is no one-size-fits-all signal strength icon that is followed by network providers.

Field Test Mode For Your Phone

The field test mode lets you read the signal strength in dB, and differs from operating systems and chipsets.

  1. For iPhone Users

Apple devices mostly have hidden dBm readings ever since the release of iOS 11 and 12. Depending on the chipset (Intel or Qualcomm), and your carrier network, however, there is a way around it.

  • Dial *3001#12345#*
  • Choose LTE
  • Choose Serving Cell Means
  • Your dBm can be read as rsrp0
  1. For Android Devices

Different versions have different methods of checking the network details, but for the most part, they are found as such:

  • Select Settings
  • Select About Phone
  • Select Status or Network
  • Select SIM Status
  • Your dBm can be found under Signal strength

Once you have successfully found the dBm reading, then you may explore around your home or the perimeter and take note of the areas that have the strongest readings. This will indicate the general direction in which the cell phone tower that broadcasts the strongest signal is at. You can make changes so that you can better use this information.

With this information in hand, you can choose to orient yourself in a way so as to get this better reception. However, getting a cell phone booster would be the ideal option.