How To Choose Between Dome And Panel Antennas In Cell Signal Boosters?

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As the popularity of cell signal boosters has increased greatly, a lot of people began to use it for eliminating different problems caused by low signal strength. These devices have the capability to boost the strength of signals inside a building or vehicle. They can be useful for you if you are experiencing different problems like dropped calls, low voice clarity, slow messaging and internet, etc.

A cellular signal booster has an external antenna that is used for accepting the outside signals. It also has an amplifier for boosting the signal strength. Another important part of the signal booster is the internal antenna that is used for the purpose of broadcasting the boosted signals. These three are the major components of a cell signal booster that you have to choose with care.

Why It Is Important To Choose The Right Internal Antenna?

The internal antenna is the device used for transmitting the boosted signals to the required areas so that they can be captured by your cellular devices. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right antenna that can fit your requirements.

There are different types of internal antennas available for you to choose from. So you have to choose an antenna that is suitable for your situation. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the intended benefits from your signal boosters. So make sure that you choose the right antenna for getting the best results. Hence, we provide some of the common options available for you to choose from. This will help you to know which is the ideal option for you.

Panel Antenna

This is one of the common types of internal antennas used in signal boosters. They are usually mounted on the wall and send signals in a directional cone that ranges from 45-70 degrees. As these antennas have a narrow field of coverage, they can provide stronger signals and can be used for covering long hallways or corridors. You can also use them for covering multi-storied buildings. But in this case, you have to install it on the ceiling.

Dome Antenna

This antenna can send signals in all directions. But they are less powerful than panel antennas. They should be mounted on the ceiling in a central position for getting the best performance. They can be suitable for covering single-storied buildings.

When choosing internal antennas for your signal boosters, you can find panel antennas and dome antennas. They vary in terms of the area they can cover. So you have to choose between them based on your requirements.