Factors That Can Affect Your Cell Phone Signal Strength

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Low cell phone signal strength is a common problem a lot of people are experiencing, especially by those who are living in rural and remote areas. Poor cell reception can be really frustrating at times, as it can cause a large number of problems including call dropping, slow internet, delay in messaging, low call clarity, etc. Even though a lot of people are now using cell phone repeaters for solving the problems associated with poor cell reception, you need to understand that the working of these devices can depend on the strength of the outside signals.

A lot of factors can affect the quality of signal strength. Even people living in rural areas often experience these problems because of different problems. Therefore, we are listing some of the factors that can affect your cell phone reception for your knowledge.

Distance From The Cell Tower

You should be in the range of a cell tower for getting signals. The signal strength you receive can depend on the transmission power of the tower and the transmission power of your mobile phone. Therefore, different cell phones can have different signal qualities.

Network Congestion

A large number of people might be using the same bandwidth at a given time. Therefore, it can result in network congestion thereby reducing the signal quality.


Your surroundings can have a great impact on the signal strength. Geographical features such as mountains, hills, trees, buildings, etc. can block the signals.


Another factor that can affect the signal strength is the weather. You might have noticed a poor cell signal quality if the weather is bad. Environmental factors like rain, fog, clouds, snow, humidity, etc. can block the signals.

Building Materials

People living in urban areas most commonly experience poor cell reception because of the blocking of signals by the building materials. You might have noticed a poor signal strength inside your home even if there is a good signal quality outside. This happens because your building materials are blocking the cell signals.

Is There Any Solution For Poor Cell Reception?

As mentioned above, a cell phone repeater might be helpful for you to deal with the problems related to poor cell reception. Signal repeaters are devices that can boost low-quality signals and transmit the boosted signals to the required areas. They might be helpful for you to improve the signal quality in areas where there is poor cell reception. You can choose a signal repeater based on your requirements.