How To Buy A Good Signal Booster?

Types Of Cell Sites
Types Of Cell Sites
Buy An In-House Signal Booster
Buy An In-House Signal Booster

Poor cell reception is a nightmare for all cell phone users. It will result in calls drops, undelivered text messages, and slow data speed. For those who depend on the internet for their daily activities, good cell reception is a necessity. A number of factors like distance from the cell tower, heavy cellular traffic, obstacles that block the cell signal, bad weather, etc. can cause poor cell reception.

The best way to ensure a good cell reception is by installing a signal booster system at your home, office, or vehicle. A signal booster is an electronic device that can increase the strength of cell signal to a usable level

Components Of A Signal Booster

Outside Antenna

The purpose of the outside antenna is to capture the existing outside cell signal and send it to the amplifier. The outside antenna is to be installed in the area where cell reception is better. You can find the area outside your house with better signal strength by walking the perimeter of your house with a cell phone. Once you find the location, you should install the antenna as high as possible to avoid any obstacles that could block the cell signal.


The amplifier is the most important part of a signal booster system. It receives the cell signals from the outside antenna and increases its strength to a usable level.

Inside Antenna

The purpose of the inside antenna is to receive the boosted cell signal from the amplifier and redistribute it to all the mobile devices inside the room or building. There are two types of inside antennas; panel antenna and dome antenna. The former is mounted on the walls and later is mounted on the ceiling.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Signal Booster

Outside Signal Strength

The first thing you should know before you go out and buy an in-house signal booster is that they depend on the strength of outside cell signals. If there is absolutely no cell signal outside your house, there is no point in installing a signal booster. If you have some sort of cell signal, then installing a signal booster will help to improve the cell reception inside your house.

Coverage Area

The next aspect you need to consider before buying a signal booster is the area that you are trying to cover with the signal booster. Different types of signal boosters are available based on the coverage area. There are signal boosters that can cover an entire house. If you want to boost the cell reception in a single room, such boosters are also available. The best in-house signal boosters have a range of 6000 square feet.

Type Of Antenna

Both the outside and inside antennas have two different varieties. The outside antenna comes in two different varieties based on the signal reception. The Omni-directional antenna can capture cell signals from all directions. It is useful for capturing cell signals from multiple networks. However, the Uni-directional antenna is used for capturing cell signals effectively from a single direction.

Two types of inside antennas are the dome antenna and the panel antenna. The dome antenna is usually mounted on the ceiling of the room. This will help in broadcasting boosted cell signals equally to all parts of the room. The panel antenna is mounted on the wall and the devices close to the panel antenna will get the stronger signals.


Cables are used for connecting the antennas to the amplifier. The quality of the cable is an important aspect that you should consider when you buy a signal booster. With a good quality cable for connecting the antennas to the amplifier, you can control the signal loss. A short, high-quality cable ensures the better performance of the signal booster.

Product Support

The quality of the cell phone booster you purchase will be determined by the after sales support provided by the manufactures. Most of the reputable companies offer 3 to 4 years of warranties for their signal boosters. They also have at least 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee. The companies also provide tech support either through phone, email, or live chat.

How To Install The Signal Booster?

Installing a signal booster in your house is a relatively easy process. First, you need to mount the outside antenna on the roof of your house or any other part of your house that has better cell reception. Then connect the outside antenna to the amplifier using the cable.

The amplifier should be mounted near a power source. After that, you need to mount the interior antenna. Based on your preference you can either choose a dome antenna or panel antenna. After mounting the interior antenna, connect it to the amplifier. Using an adaptor, connect the amplifier to the power source and you will get a better cell reception inside your house.