Using Cell Phone Booster To Improve M2M communication

M2M Signal Booster
M2M Signal Booster
M2M Signal Booster
M2M Signal Booster

M2M stands for Machine to Machine, indicating that in M2M communication, two or more devices communicate without requiring human intervention. M2M is a sub category of IoT in which machines interact with each other by exchanging data between each other. Because the scope of IoT is greater than M2M, both are not be mistaken as the same. IoT includes data analytics, communication as well as other operations while M2M primarily focuses on sending and receiving data between machines.

How Does Poor Cellular Service Affect M2M Communication?

A Machine performing the tasks assigned to it without requiring a human to monitor it regularly is the highlight of M2M communication.  However, poor cellular networks can act as a barrier for M2M communication just like the way it affects common cell phone communication. Signal blocking building materials, increased distance from cell tower are some of the causes of disturbances in M2M communication. Its consequences include:

  • Slow decision-making process: When data transmission is interrupted, real-time tracking becomes difficult. This has a direct impact on the decision-making process of your business.
  • Flaws in security: Consider a situation when the signal from your camera or monitor is weak. The resulting lapses will have a negative impact on the security strategy of the enterprise.
  • Issues in inventory management: If you depend on M2M for logistics operations like keeping track of inventory, issues in signal strength can disrupt the inventory management operations.

How To Solve The Signal Issues Of M2M Devices?

When M2M devices work in a location that has weak signals, the communication between the devices will obviously be slowed down. Installing an M2M signal booster speeds up the communication between devices that are part of the M2M network. M2M devices are used in measurement systems, healthcare devices, and home appliances.

 Take note of the fact that an M2M signal booster is not the same as a regular cell phone booster. Unlike cell phone boosters that are designed to improve the signals received by our cell phones, M2M boosters are used to increase the signal strengths received by devices involved in M2M communication. In a typical cell phone booster, there are three major components, outdoor antenna, amplifier, and indoor antenna that are installed separately. However, in an M2M signal booster, the components do not come separately as they are not designed for boosting signals in your cell phone but for improving the signals available to the machines they are attached to.