Why Antenna Separation Is Important For Signal Boosters?

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Signal boosters are electronic devices that increase the strength of the cellular signal. If you are living in an area where the cell reception is poor, a signal booster will help you to get a better cell signal and improve cell reception. That way you can avoid call drops, slow data speed, undelivered text messages, etc.

The signal booster has three main components, an outside antenna, an amplifier, and an inside antenna. The outside antenna receives the existing outside cell signal. Therefore, the performance of the signal booster is dependent on the outside antenna.

How and where you install the two antennas of your signal booster will determine its performance. Therefore, you need to be cautious while installing the antennas of the signal booster system. One important factor that needs to be considered while installing the antennas is their separation.

What Is Antenna Separation?

Antenna separation is the distance between the outside antenna and the inside antenna. Both the antennas should be placed at a significant distance from each other. This separation is necessary to ensure that both the antennas do not interfere with each other’s working.

The performance of the cell phone booster will be negatively affected if there is not enough separation between the inside and outside antenna. Oscillation is one of the main factors that can diminish the performance of a signal booster. Oscillation is often caused due to the closeness of the internal and external antennas.

What Is Oscillation?

If both the outside antenna and the inside antenna are mounted close to each other, both the antennas will pick up each other’s signal and it will create a feedback loop. This situation is known as oscillation. It will negatively affect the performance of your cell phone repeater.

You should place the antennas at a significant distance from each other or else the oscillation will interfere with the reception and the output of signals by both the antennas and eventually damage your cellular repeater.

When the cell phone booster detects oscillation, it will try to reduce its gain or the amplifying power for the cell signals. Hence, the output signal strength will be lower and it will reduce the performance of the booster. The signal booster will shut itself off if the oscillation is not eliminated even after the reduction in gain. Therefore, it is always important to avoid the problems caused by oscillation.